AMFleet Sells Custom Blended Fuel Chemicals Designed As Top Performing Diesel Additives & Gasoline Additives. 

We Focus On High Quality Products & High Performance Results For Every Fuel Market We Serve.


Diesel applications like trucking, heavy equipment, locomotives, marine, military and diesel power generation will be more efficient, reliable and cost effective using AmFleet Commercial Fuel Chemical products to maintain their fuel stability and improve.

For years we have offered our AmFleet® Commercial Fuel Chemical additives for large commercial users and governments. We are now offering these same chemicals to Fleet Operators & retail users in packaged diesel products.We guarantee that they do as claimed and ALWAYS WORK in their intended application.

Powerlene Truck

Recognizing deterioration in diesel fuel quality since 1978, AM Fleet decided to do something about it. Having spent many decades developing and marketing chemicals & additives to the major refining companies exclusively, our staff applied the latest technology in developing a family of unique chemical products that virtually eliminate all of the problems in today’s commercially marketed fuels.

AmFleet also offers POWERLENE® – a Commercial Gasoline Additive for Fleet, Commercial & Governmental Applications.

To make sure of the highest quality and effectiveness of
AmFleet® chemicals, each product is formulated to strict standards.

AM Fleet Standards


  • Products must be A.S.T.M. tested to perform as designed. Example, use of A.S.T.M. D-1094, one test used in determining water treatment capabilities in distillate; jet fuel, #1, #2, #3, and gasoil.
  • Products must be U.S. E.P.A. registered: 40–C.F.R., current and all additional registration as required.
  • Final product must be non-hazardous and will match flash point range of fuel it’s used in (except commercial gasoline ).
  • All raw materials used must currently be used at refinery level in designated fuels. AmFleet concentration within federal registered allowable limits. Special formulations by country are ≤ maximum legal allowable limits.
  • Products must not contain ash formers, alcohols, glycols, metallics, harmful detergents or dispersants, any substance harmful to the fuel integrity or quality in any fuel phase including flashº and B.T.U. values.
  • Over-treating product must not be harmful to equipment, fuel, or storage tanks in any manner.
  • ALL CLAIMS made in conjunction with a product benefit must be capable of being proven by available presently used refining industry tests.
  • Product must be capable of being added to fuels without any special mixing / blending procedures.
  • AM Fleet products have a shelf life of 7 years.