1 Gallon treats 1000 Gallons Fuel

  • Truck Transportation
  • Bus Transportation
  • Defense Industry:
    • Armored tanks
    • Weapons and personnel carriers
    • High speed marine patrol craft
  • Construction equipment
  • Applications for pollution reduction & elimination
  • All high performance applications
  • Diesel powered utility vehicles, taxicabs, and automobiles
  • Marine & Offshore production equipment
  • Agricultural tractors and machinery
  • Fire fighting, safety equipment, and backup generators

For use in fuels where increased combustion, power, and elimination of pollution is desired. Promotes easy starting and the reduction of diesel ‘clatter’. It greatly increases cetane, contains a smoke suppressant, eliminates water, cleans injectors, prolongs stability, stops corrosion and rust, and eliminates sludge, gum, and varnish formations. Dramatically reduces maintenance and contains special lubricants for low sulfur & new reformulated fuels.


1 Gallon Treats 3000 Gallons Fuel

  • Diesel applications where maintenance is a major problem due to poor quality, water, old or off-spec. and contaminated fuel
  • Fuel-oil fired utilities / applications
  • Back-up fuel storage facilities where degradation occurs i.e. backup diesel generators, gas & pipeline remote applications, hospital, radar and office tower emergency fuel storage
  • In very large displacement diesel engines where cetane may not be a major factor, such as railroad locomotives, marine tugboats and off-shore service craft, and #3 fuel applications

Extremely cost effective method of treating low quality fuel. Cleans injectors, eliminates water from fuel and works with filters, stabilizes fuel, stops corrosion and rust, eliminates sludge, varnish & gum formation. Contains lubricants for low sulfur fuel. Does not contain a cetane improver or smoke suppressant (see SR-1000 / MEGATANE).


1 Gallon Treats 1000 Gallons Fuel

For COLD weather applications

  • Truck Transportation under freeze conditions and where operations may be necessary in the minus(-) 40 /50 degree range
  • Construction & Mining equipment for all-weather operation
  • Bus Transportation
  • Utility vehicles, diesel powered taxicabs and automobiles
  • Snow, fire fighting, safety equipment, and backup generators

To be used under cold weather conditions where easy starting, wax inhibition, higher cetane, and elimination of pollution is required. Contains approximately 60% of active cetane improver of SR-1000. Treats and eliminates water from fuel, cleans injectors, stabilizes fuel, and contains special lubricants for low sulfur fuel. Because this chemical is over 90% active & 40% polymer chemistry, the chemical should be above 35°F or 3°C before adding to cold fuel for proper mixing. Designed to treat winter fuel to -40°F, -40°C at normal recommended treating rate.